Saturday, April 14, 2012


Il est difficile de se rappeler de notre enfance parfois. Toutes les erreurs qu'on faisaient à l'école et qui nous feraient sourire de nos jours.

Mon fils, qui est très bon en géographie, a ramené ce test à la maison (photos ci-bas). Il devait identifié les Etats et leur capitale respective. Il a bien fait en général mais n'avons pas pu nous empêcher de sourire comment il voyait l'epellation de l'État du Minnesota. J'ose imaginer que son professeur l'a trouvé comique également.


It is very difficult to remember our childhood sometimes. All the errors that we made at school and that would make us smile nowadays.

My son, who is gifted in geography, brought back this test at home (see photos). He had to identify every State and their capitol. He did well in general but we couldn't stop smiling when we saw the spelling of the Minnesota State. I dare thinking that his teacher found it funny too.


★ diyearte by L and S ★ said...

your son is very funny!!!

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(un)Deniably Domestic said...

Nathalie - I could not resist and had to come visit your blog after you finished mine. One thing your son may learn is how big, yet how small, our world can be. I grew up near you in Pleasanton, CA and spent a great deal of my time surfing in the Santa Cruz area. In fact, the very first rollercoaster I have ever been thrilled by was there on the boardwalk. ~Kelly

Nathalie St-Pierre Roths said...

Yes diyearte, my son is very witty. :-)

Nathalie St-Pierre Roths said...

Wow Kelly,

It is a small world. My last employer was from Pleasanton as a matter of fact. :-) California is such a nice place to live. Thanks for your comment.

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