Saturday, March 3, 2012

La tablette / The Shelf

Trois ans après le décès de ma chienne favorite, voici enfin un coin dédiée à celle-ci ainsi qu’à un chaton que j’avais adoptée en 2008. Celui-ci était décédé d’un cancer virulent (tout les autres chatons de la même portée étaient mort avant lui). J’avais donc deux urnes et trois belles photos de ma chienne qui n’avaient aucun endroit pour se recueillir.

Une bonne amie à moi, Robin, que j’ai rencontrée lors d’une séance de chimio, a gracieusement offert ses talents de menuisière pour me construire une belle tablette. Pendant que je fais ma couture, je peux maintenant sentir ma chienne et mon chaton tout près de moi. J’avais demandée ma tablette à mon mari il y a trois ans et je sentais que j’aurais le temps de mourir avant d’avoir ma fameuse tablette.

Quelquefois, le travail se termine plus rapidement quand c’est une femme qui s’en mêle. Merci Robin!


Three years after the death of my favorite dog, finally, I have a small shrine dedidated to her as well as for a kitten I adopted in 2008. The latter one died of a sudden cancer (all other kits from the same litter passed away before him). I had two urns and three nice photos of my dog that had no home to be before today.

A good friend of mine, Robin, whom I met during one of my chemo sessions, generously gave me her time, materials and carpentry talent to build me a nice shelf. While I will be doing sewing, I can be near my dog and cat, in a spiritual way. I asked this shelf to my husband three years ago and I felt that I would have had time to die before having this one in my office.

Sometimes, work gets done quicker when a woman takes care of it. Thank you Robin!


WearAbouts said...

hey girl! Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog :) Yours is very nice, and I now follow by Google Friend! follow back? :)
Be sure to enter my giveaway!!

Nathalie St-Pierre Roths said...

HI Rory,

I am following you on Google Friend. I've also entered your Lulu giveaway last week.

Thanks for your comment.


PAPS said...

My dog died of cancer just last Monday. I was really sad and cried. Very nice of your friend to do this for you. Do you like to follow each other. Let me know and I will follow you right back.

Nathalie St-Pierre Roths said...


Thank you for visiting my blog and for the comment. I am sorry for your pet loss. I understand your pain. I lost a cat through cancer just 7 months before I lost my beloved dog.

I am now following you (blog and twitter).

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