Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hey Neighbor!

On a tous besoin d’un coup de main de temps à autre et une fois de plus, un autre service en ligne a été créé. Hey Neighbor! est un système semblable à FreeCycle dont je parlais l’autre jour mais sans avoir à faire avec le géant Yahoo. Le site offre également un échange de service, tel que si vous voulez vos plantes arosés pendant vos vacances.

Il y a par contre un pour et un contre par ce nouveau service: Hey Neighbor! vous permet de rencontrer de nouveaux voisins mais avec seulement 3,000 abonnés nationalement, je me suis retrouvée seule dans mon voisinage à avoir un abonnement. Le service aura besoin de beaucoup de bouche à oreille.


We all need a hand once in a while and once again, a new online service was created. Hey Neighbor! is a similar system than FreeCycle that I mentioned the other week but this service is not linked to any big search engine giant. The site also offers a service exchange such as if you are looking for someone to water your plants during your vacation.

There is a pro and con aspect of this new service: Hey Neighbor! allow you to meet new neighbors but with only 3,000 subscribers nationwide, I ended up being the only one signed up locally. This service will need some word-of-mouth help.


Leonor said...

saddly we don't have that in my country.. still, nice tip :)


Nathalie St-Pierre Roths said...


Thanks for your comment. Sometimes great idea make a long way. Who knows if it gets better, then "Hey Neighbor" might eventually be offer in your country.

Collections said...

This sounds like a pretty cool site. Very innovative.


Nathalie St-Pierre Roths said...

Yes, it is a cool site. Thanks for your comment

RaindropsofSapphire said...

I don't think we have that here, but it sounds good. I'm also running a contest right now! You could win a £50 voucher for Sunglasses Shop and anyone can enter! Stop by and check it out!

Nathalie St-Pierre Roths said...

Hi Loma,

Thank you for your comment. I signed up for your giveaways and I follow you now on Facebook/Twitter as well as your sponsor's.

You look great with the sunglasses. :-)

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