Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rester amies! / Remaining friends!

Il y a de ces gens qu'on rencontre à l'école et avec qui ont restent amis pour la vie. C'est le cas avec mon amie Christine Rhee. L'ayant rencontrée à l'université SJSU dans une classe d'art, je suis demeurée amie avec elle pendant des années.

Hier, je lui ai rendue visite. La dernière fois que je l'avais vue, c'était à mon party de graduation en mai 2008. Eh oui! On était vraiment dûe pour se voir. Tout comme moi, c'est une artiste. Elle travaille à son compte. Je vous invite à visiter le portfolio de ma talentueuse amie: http://www.christinerhee.com/


There are people that we meet at school and we keep in touch over the years, for a lifetime. This is the case with my friend Christine Rhee. I met her at the SJSU university in an art class and I stayed friends with her for the past years.

Yesterday, I paid her a visit. The last time we saw each other was at my graduation party in May 2008. Well yes! It was a long time ago! We were really due to see each other. Like me, she is an artist. She is a freelancer. I am inviting you to visit the portfolio of my talented friend: http://www.christinerhee.com/


mostafa said...

no nice to meet very old friend and hold him or her and talk for hours and relive what you were sharing before and what your plans for the future ....so i watched the christine galarey on net ...and she did nice art work shoing the asian culture ...so for both of you in my face book i add some art work for a moroccan art woman ...she is a member of my family you can see her work in my facebook page ...this artist told me she would have an electronic mail to contact her ....good luck to all artists in the world ....-mostafa-

mostafa said...

to correct i wanted to say so nice to meet very old friend ...................

cr said...

Thanks, Nathalie!

It was so wonderful to catch up and hang out. We must do so again. :)

Hmmm... do you like desserts?

Nathalie St-Pierre Roths said...

Yes, Christine, it was great seeing you again. How are doing your rabbits now? Are you playing nurse with them?

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