Sunday, April 18, 2010

Soccer Superstar vs Nathalie

Ce n'est pas un secret pour personne de savoir que mon nouveau chien, un Border Collie, est très actif... et aime bien le soccer! Je me suis donc amusée hier à jouer une partie amicale de soccer contre mon chien Bolt.

Devinez qui a gagné?


It is not a secret for anyone to know that my new dog, a Border Collie, is very active... and loves soccer! I had lots of fun yesterday to play soccer against my dog Bolt.

Guess who won?


Anne J said...

Great fun!
To watch and see you all enjoy the game and a beautiful day... It seems your cameraman is more out of breath than you are... ;-)
And it also feels Bolt has more in his mind that he's letting on... Maybe learning your strategies... maybe saving his best for last...
Keep on playing!!

Nathalie St-Pierre Roths said...

Yes, the cameraman has definitely more reasons to be out of breath: he is older than the dog and I! :-)

Bolt is a great dog! Very active and always happy. I call him my happy-go-lucky dog! :-)

Heart of Aries said...

Well Nathalie, you do need to practice your game much more to beat him. Its good to see you fresh n healthy... take care.

Nathalie St-Pierre Roths said...

Hi there,

Yes, I need to practice more. I would have done it today but was working all day. I'll catch up later this week. Maybe one day, I will beat my dog at soccer! :-)

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